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About us

Who are we

We are Mercy&Warm design atelier. We create clothes of premium quality from ethic materials. We work in the best traditions of the European family business.

We opened our own production in Moscow to control quality at all stages of tailoring.

All products under the name of Mercy&Warm are created by hands of professional tailors.

Our reference points - respect of the client and pride of the work.Our collections are unique and limited.

What kind of fur?

Runway eco-fur we use is material of new generation. Thanks to modern technologies, it is not only visually similar to natural fur, but also almost the same in touch. That is why it is used in collections of Vivienne Westwood, Max Mara, Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Burberry and others. The softness and silkiness of the pile will surprise you!

What are his

  1. Eco fur is not afraid of moisture. You can get under rain or sleet - the product will retain its original appearance. It is especially important for the climate of the middle zone, where winters are rainy.
  2. The fur does not tarnish over time and does not change its color. White eco fur will remain white.
  3. Moreover, our coats can be machine washed.
  4. The material is made from modified acrylic, which is recognized as environmentally friendly. In nature, suchmaterial begins to decompose in 20-25 years.
  5. Artificial fur keeps warm well, and the use of modern insulation allows you to create clothes for any temperature down to -35 degree.
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